Saturday, July 5, 2008

GiRls CaMp JuNe 2008

Our Theme for Camp this year was "A Moment in Time"
Our Time was "CaVeMan"... and did we have fun doing it!!!
"You don't Remember the Days, just the Moments."

SkiT TiMe
"Standards ROCK, It's So EaSy even a CAVEMAN Can do IT!"

BacK at CaMp
Yes, Hailey IS licking a DOg biscuit...NuTritious!

Our HoBo (Lovingly CalleD), SaRah from another camp. Darling GiRl, and Caitlyn's Friend!
At NiGht the "AfTer" mandatory LiGhts out....
"Tulips from Heaven"
Saran Wrap spider web
(new computer, so I can't find the "Finished" photo,but we know who!)
Powdered donuts

SillY FaCes and more...
We did work... HiKing....for certifying and BreaKfAst the LasT Day!!
Please click on these pictures to enlarge

Our BaBy BEES building a FiRe

Our Bishopric brought the best Treats!!! As you can see..... and the last picture is of the girls that were still there at the final morning of Devotional.

I have so many pictures of these 4 days of WoRk (setting up, cleaning, hiking, and taking down), PlaY (the snipe hunt was the best, pranks, talking with the girls) , PrayeR (many times a day), SinGiNg (at devotionals and camp), CraFting (not shown, another blog), and TesTimoNy BuildiNg! What AmAzing Young Women Leaders our Ward has, the Best! I am so grateful to have worked and played with them. Sue, Linda, Peggy, Teresa, Bunni, Jolene, and Carolee (our Camp Director, wonderful to have worked beside her).
1. Carolee
2. Jr. Leaders...Gabi, Whit, and Sami!!
3. Late Nights (fun then)
4. Cell phone coverage!!
5. Wise, Fun, and Awesome WoMen!!
6. PriestHood Thank You!!
7. AbBy, Hailey, Caitlyn, Sarah, Chloe, Caroline, Abbie, Larkin, Tiffany...
8. KelCie
9. GoOd FooD!
10. Being YouNg Again!!!
So, much to say and write and not enough time to do it, so I hope I covered some of the basics and as the days pass may add more, as I figure out my computer and finding all the downloaded pictures (ugh), for it was truly a wonderful experience. Sue...going into town, Peg...mummy bags and looking good each day, Linda...great food and fun to talk to, Teresa..."I Love You," Bunni.. words of wisdom, Jolene...Mamma bear saver, Karen...Larkin, of all my neighbor and friend!
GirLs RoCk!!


Karolynn said...

I love how creative you put these photos together! You are awesome. i am glad you had some fun times. It was nice singing with you! Congrats on the new computer!

The Jorgensens said...

Very very fun! I have been WAITING forever for you to post again! I miss you man!

So when are we going to play?

I loved reading about girls camp! Abbie had a blast!

sharon said...

What a great account of your week at camp. It looks like it was just AWESOME!!!!!Kelcie and the other girls were so blessed to have you there. What a great way to bond and create swome lasting memories! LOVE YOU! See you soon!

The Jorgensens said...

We all look so cute I think those pix are so cute.:)
Tell Kelcie I said Hi!