Friday, July 18, 2008

PineVieW GiRls DaTe OuT!

Da GiRls!

So, last night I decided to take the GiRls on a our FaVorite place...give you one guess??! We had so much fun ToGethEr. We almost had the BeAch to ourselves. It's so sad to see the water going DoWn...SumMer is halfway done (maybe not such a bad thing? school!). I do LoVe having my girls with me. KelCie is such a GrEat big sister, and HelPful. BryNN is always HaPPy, and a BuDDy with Sara. SarA ALWAYS keeps you on your toes, and ALWAYS knows when to give a HuG and LoVes. We had such a GoOd time.

1. KelCie
2. BryNn
3. SaRa


Anonymous said...

What a great day! Girls are the best!

Karolynn said...

You are such a great Mother, always doing something fun with your kids EVERY DAY! I had sooooo much fun with you last night on the sky ride. Who knew that ride could make you laugh till you peed (that is why your pants were wet hahaha).

sharon said...

What great pictures of you girls. It looks like you all had such a fun time together. I love that you play with your girls-I know they will never forget it, and the time goes so quickly. Love you !!!