Thursday, July 30, 2009

PhotoStory Friday... What Makes You Think of Summer?

Ah the lazy days of summer. Trees and umbrella for shade. Brightly colored toes. Bright blue sky with the sun warming the lens. Just one of the many pictures whether in my thoughts or by camera that make me ever so grateful for this season.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hart Reunion July 6th 2009

As I was contemplating the journal aspect of the Hart reunion, it occurred to me that I could not do only one post about this event. Because each day is one! There were over 200 pictures taken just from my camera alone on this day. We started by heading to a place to swim, Store Gulch. This happens to be my favorite place to bask, sunbathe, and swim/float ( I am my own personal buoy) and enjoy the sounds of happy children splashing about. The Illinois Valley river is full of places to indulge oneself in swimming. We look forward to doing this activity a few times while we are here every year. After taking in a full day of play, it continued. The ever so anticipated Bingo night. All the families bring their goodies for giveaways (especially Grandpa and Grandma Hart) and fill tables to overflowing. The kids, okay and even adults, take great measures to see what they maybe able to win. I was so excited to BINGO a pair of comfy pajamas:) This first picture summarizes a fun filled day, and just so happens to be my favorite picture of the whole reunion. What amazes me about the Hart reunion is how devoted we all are to making sure we can come. It is an anticipated every year event, of the kind to not be disappointed. What started out as mainly the siblings and a few spouses, with beginnings of children. Has evolved to grandchildren and great grandchildren. We even enjoy the "friends" and added family that come to enjoy in the festivities. With the Harts...the more the merrier!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 4th weekend 2009...Gold Beach, OR

At the Oregon coast you never know what weather may beseech you. Unfortunately we were heavy laden in clouds. The fine mist seemingly drenched us as though we were in a massive downpour. However, it could not bring the gathering down. We had such a good time there with family. Running through the waves, exploring hidden treasures embedded in rocks, finding a baby seal waiting for its "Mama," digging holes, sand in between our toes and other parts (how does that happen?), fireworks, a huge bonfire, awesome display of purchased fireworks, jumping for cover with an unexpected firework malfunction, giggles from the children, an abundance of never ending food, and just living in the moment of JOY!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Adventures of Traveling....with our niece Veronica

So we began our reunion journey with a 15 hour drive that took 3 days. We first landed in Winnemucca, NV (Winneyucca we so lovingly call it, once you are there you will know why) at 11p.m. Looking for a place to stay was quite the adventure. It took an hour to find a non-smoking room available. We were pulling our trailer and there were places available for pulling in our trailer cheaper than a motel but the one we were able to find had a bathroom in the casino. The showers and bathrooms closed at 9p.m. Try telling my 6 year old to hold it till 9a.m. when it opened. K..the adventure stops there. We find a place with relatively clean rooms and pray no diseases are on the sheets. The next morning we go to the complimentary continental breakfast bar. I don't think the counters had been cleaned in months. There was a juice area with apple, orange and mango available. Curt and the girls just helped themselves while I was quite queasy with the whole breakfast look. Another patron came in and asked, after she poured herself a cup, "What one is the mango juice?" The hotel manager stated.."It's all the juices combined!" My husband wondered why it tasted so bad and why the girls were trying to find a place to spit it out. It was the color of muddy water. Again the adventure stopped there. Off we are to my parents. We arrived around 2p.m. Ah...being home is a good thing and we did not mind having adventures there. Warm bread, collecting farm fresh eggs, four wheeling, delicious food, small town shopping (mind you we did that in less than 1 day). During our visit the girls spotted a dying baby bird. Sigh...yes my sweet niece wanted to try to save it. The adventure began for that little thing. It was fed juice from the can of a wet cat food container and mushed up homemade wheat bread. With a great nights rest we were off for the coast. Arriving around 2p.m. Yeah! More of the adventure to come:0)