Friday, August 29, 2008

Week in Rewind

FinaLLy we HooK up with the Reynolds Family at PineVieW! We have TriEd all SuMMer to go BoAting together and last but not LeaSt it WoRked. The girls were in one boat, while the boys in the other...and we had a GreAt short though (we got up there late).
MeeTing CaRissa a "BlOgging" FriEnd.
Oh, I don't remember how we MeT over the NeT. We have a common ConNeCtion... lived/going to live in a town that's less than PeRFectioN. So off to KF she GoEs...what will happen nobody KnoWs. She is full of SpUnk...with a couple of blogs that boast no JuNk... and
I decided to ryhme because I CaN...Now off to Bear Lake to get a TaN..
1. ReyNolds and their cute friends
2. CaRissa
3. Plates and Palates-lunch mmm,mmm good

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Week in Rewind....

FriDay 2 days before ScHool started we went on a
MidniGht RuN to WalMart for school supplies (more like 1 am, and the only store open 24-7).

Afterwards we HaD to go to McDonalds for a TreaT.

Nothing like FreNch FriEs and ChoColate ChiP cookies
at 2 a.m....the BeSt!
WraPPing up the summer ended with a SleePover, going to LagOOn, BoAting and a MidNight run (I'm getting to old) to keep the ExCitement up about going to Jr. HiGh..
1. GiDDY friends
2. SeCond WiNds (needed more than 1, so glad)
3. Having the store to ourselves!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Week in Rewind..Final Chapter Pineview

I am GraTeful....
1. TuBiNg
Emily, Hannah, Brynn, Sara, Abbie, Amy and Kelcie
(think some of the LifE-jackets may be a liTTLe bit BIG)

2. KnEEBoarding- Kelcie gets up the FiRst time and for the FiRst time!!

3. Being SiLLy, GiGGling, PlayiNg in the SaND

4. Do we HaVE to LeAve???

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch today....

Having LunCh with Grandma Dorothy at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was so NiCe today. The weather was PerFect and the atmosphere PeaceFUL. The FooD at the cafe was so GooD..YUMMY!!

After lunch we decided to go to the Joseph Smith movie. I am so GraTeFul to have seen it. After we walked out, it was so hard to go back into life. I would rather watch as he and his wife WoRked and ToiLed through the rebuilding of the church than deal with ChallaNges in my life that seem very small to his. I WiSh I could turn back the clock with many things I have done or am going through...because in the end I want to be with those who have BlaZed a trail for me to follow, HelD my crying head, LisTened to my frustrations, BeliEved in my ability to be better, and ForGave me... they truly SacRificed all for the rebuilding of the GoSpel...what am I doing?
1. FamiLy
2. FrieNds
3. TempLe Square

Rewind the WeeK...

PicKing PluMs

Sunday night at GranDpa and GranDma HartS home, as always, was FiLLing (you will NeVer go hungry), and NiCe (feels like HoMe). My nephew and his wife are living there, for just a few short weeks left. So GooD to see them also. After we OvEr indulged ourselves with a DeliCious meal, we were drawn to the tree in the front yard FuLL of PluMs. It gave the PeRfect opportunity for some tree CliMbing and colon CleaNsing (that would come later...). Grandma gave us a jar of her FreShly made PluM jam to top off our MonKeying around..what a GreaT way to end the week!
1. CuTe niece-biggest MonKey
2. GooD Food
3. New York!

Monday, August 25, 2008

7th GraDer
She is so HapPY to be going to JR. HIGH!!

2nd GraDer
Brynn was a mix of EmOtioNs going to school today. She is in a 1st-2nd split and was very nervous to be in a new class. To top it off, her BiG sister is not there to help her. She was so sweet and shed many TeaRs. Bless her heart...
Kelcie came home and said, "It was good!"
Brynn came home and said, "Can I go PlaY?"
Sara did not officially start next week is her day. I am so proud of Kelcie and her desire to learn and meet new people. Through the tears this morning Brynn realized most of her friends are with her and all is well, and that's a very good thing.
1. SuPPOrtive HuBBY
2. Happy "1st" Day Kids
3. FreSh Plums

Monday, August 18, 2008

Week in Review...

To StArt my WeEK (the best way)
Having LuNcH with KarolyNN and KiDs,
PiNEVieW...that is Amys creation!

AnniVErsary Inn..Logan
All other HOtel/MoTel places were BOOKED, so...
Curt and I stayed at the only room in the inn available-JoAniEs DinER.

Got up before the MOOn went down to do
DEMOliTioN on our VErY water DamaGEd bathroom!!

The week ENDed at MidNight with Amy and Kelcie BLoGGiNg and...
MagiCal CuPcaKes!!!
1. ThanK you MoM
2. Amy and Kelcie GiggLing together
3. Perkins FamiLy-and their helpers!

Friday, August 15, 2008

More of Pineview

I could not resist!! I think we were in the SuN way to long...just get me TalKin after 10p.m. No, Amy is not biting into a delicious PeT mound...but made for a great shot.
1. 1.5 weeks until SchOOl
2. BFF
3. Sponge Bob HuMor-gotta watch to believe, that's what it took for me

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hart ReuNion Chapter 2008

A SpeCtaCuLar Day in BrOOkiNgs OrEgoN
HaRRis BeaCH

We try to make it the the CoAst every year. Hands down, this was the most BeaUTiFul we have seen at the Oregon Coast. 75 deGreES, Light BrEEze, CarriBEan blue waters, BriGHt blue sky as far as the eye can see. I TooK many pictures that day and chose from some of my FaVOrites. That was the PeRfeCt GlaD to have been GiVEn it!!
1. WaRm sand
2. ExPloRing
3. LonG, no CloCk, walking and talking (Tina especially, but to
not exclude...Tamazen,Chantal,Sean, Stephanie, and Priscilla)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Pineview Chapter

YeS we let AmY DriVe!!
She PoPPed right up on the knee-board 1st TiMe. WhOO-HOO!

We arrived home Friday night and thought we would take the weekend to ReSt and get ready for the following WoRk week...Sat. morning came and as the morning SliPPed further to noon we too slipped into PlaY mode. A phone call from Hannah, MiSSing Sara added to our DesiRe to take the ShaBah out!! With that our added chapter at Pineview keeps the novel going. AmY had a blast learning how to KnEEboard and DriVe. She wants to Do It aGain (we have NO problems with that one)...when her muscles stop HuRting...she was whiPPed around quite a bit te-he.
1. 85.34 mins. with Karolynn-thanks for the BOO-boo kiss, all BettER
2. AmY
3. FrEsh from my garden ToMaToes