Friday, August 29, 2008

Week in Rewind

FinaLLy we HooK up with the Reynolds Family at PineVieW! We have TriEd all SuMMer to go BoAting together and last but not LeaSt it WoRked. The girls were in one boat, while the boys in the other...and we had a GreAt short though (we got up there late).
MeeTing CaRissa a "BlOgging" FriEnd.
Oh, I don't remember how we MeT over the NeT. We have a common ConNeCtion... lived/going to live in a town that's less than PeRFectioN. So off to KF she GoEs...what will happen nobody KnoWs. She is full of SpUnk...with a couple of blogs that boast no JuNk... and
I decided to ryhme because I CaN...Now off to Bear Lake to get a TaN..
1. ReyNolds and their cute friends
2. CaRissa
3. Plates and Palates-lunch mmm,mmm good


sharon said...

I can't wait to meet your friend Carissa. Looks like more fun times at Pineview-good for you!! I love Plates and Palates too-yum, you made me hungry!! Love you!!!!!

Good N Crazy said...

We got lost along the way,
But we seem to be here to Stay!

Got in LATE Thurs. night. Truck high centered itself on Friday AM, but we were all unloaded by Friday afternoon.

And um...

You so totally did NOT tell me about the POOL! I mean...a pool that stays open all winter and you forget to tell me about it!!!!

No internet yet...'borrowing' from the local hotel...

Should be back up and running on Wednesday!

Perez Family said...

Melie, I wish I had a boat!! How fun. I'd wanna go all the time too. Love ya lots!