Monday, August 25, 2008

7th GraDer
She is so HapPY to be going to JR. HIGH!!

2nd GraDer
Brynn was a mix of EmOtioNs going to school today. She is in a 1st-2nd split and was very nervous to be in a new class. To top it off, her BiG sister is not there to help her. She was so sweet and shed many TeaRs. Bless her heart...
Kelcie came home and said, "It was good!"
Brynn came home and said, "Can I go PlaY?"
Sara did not officially start next week is her day. I am so proud of Kelcie and her desire to learn and meet new people. Through the tears this morning Brynn realized most of her friends are with her and all is well, and that's a very good thing.
1. SuPPOrtive HuBBY
2. Happy "1st" Day Kids
3. FreSh Plums


KC Kanenwishers said...

Happy First Day of School Beauties!!

sharon said...

Oh I can hardly believe this. The girls already look so much more grown-up than just a month ago. I hope they have an awesome first day, and that you do too!! They look absolutely adorable, and I am very proud of them - you too!! Love you!!!

*.Kennedy.* n' ~McKoy~ said...

I love jr. high!!!! I started last week Its so much better than elementry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when I got home I told my mom and sister like every detail of my day thats just how it is for us every time we go somewhere I hope she continues to love it I know I do!!

Alexis said...

Wow! They're growing up! How is Kelcie enjoying Jr. High?! I can't believe that!

Karolynn said...

Darling girls! The are always dressed so nice.