Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ThrouGh the Eyes of SaRa!

UnCle JiM

I remember when I was a little girl thinking my UnCle JiM was the FunNest, Nice-Est, and yes BeSteSt Uncle out there!! That has not changed! I WaTched as SaRa SoAked him up. He still has such a SweeT VitaLity surrounding him. I AlwaYs felt ImpoRtant, and I know SaRa felt the SamE way. He and my grandfather came for just a short stay on April the 18th...the same day I came home from the retreat. I wish that we could see them more often, but sure do TreAsure these SweEt MoMents!
1. UnCle Jim!
2. ShoRt (wish it could be longer) and SwEet visits!
3. Seeing Uncle Jim through Sara's eyes....Aahh...Goosh, Goosh!

We HaVe 5 SweeTies!!

MitSey HaS 5 BeauTiful KittiEs

The LaSt DaY of the BouTique...MitSey went into labor! By 10 p.m. all were here and MeOwing for MamA. She is such a GoOd little MoMMY. HowEveR....she Will be getting FiXed!!! We went to DiNNer and when we got home they were HeRe..CuRt was so CuTe..He wanted Mitzey to be WaRm (she was shivering, all that HaRd WoRk) so he had Kelcie get our HeAter to put in FronT of her to keep her WaRm!! GOosh, GoOsh moment...AAHH.There EyEs are SloWly opening and should be ready to GivE to families in 5 more weeks...Any TakErs let me know...They are ALL so CuTe, but I am not running a CaT farm...MoM????
1. Mitsey having a good first and last pregnancy!
2. Finding out my Sister is being Re-Baptized!
3. 5 weeks left of school...yeah SuMmer!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


What an AweSome Get-AwaY!! This picture is from the back deck of the home, looking into Heber City. It was very windy and cool, however I didn't mind it one bit because I was inside a BeauTiful home.

The WoMen there were so nice. Each had a SweEt story to tell about their LiVes. We CriEd, HuMmed (when that happened it was time for a movie), listened to MuSic (Tricia had the best CD), TalKed, LauGhed, and had a huge assortment of CaNdy to keep our HiGh going. Even if we didn't craft, you could just relax.

MaRcie is the ScrapAway owner and was so cute. She made 6 meals in the coarse of 2 1/2 days. They were AmaZing to say the least. I will post some of them on the side of my MuSt MaKe!!! She had EverYthing covered...down to the BaTH SaLts! No need to LiFt a finger, unless you were CrAfTing.
For All of my FriEnds and FamiLy who could NoT make it......We HavE to Set a tiMe to do this... It is Worth the MoNeY!!!!

1. GoinG with NaTaLie!
2. Only 1 HouR away!
3. MeeTing GreAt WoMen!
For information about this retreat go to

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Cutest ThinG -Ah, my GoOsh, GoOsh moment!
I was doing LAunDry (drag), when I turned around and saw the cutest thing...Sara ReaDing to Hannah. Now, ReaDing exactly maybe not, DescriBing the PictuRes more like it. ForTunately, I had time to GraB the CaMera before they SpLit (we all know how that is with little ones)!! GoOSh, GoOSh...
1. A Phone call from Karolynn.
2. A Phone call from Tricia.
3. A Phone call from my Mom.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The 411!


So, gooshing is a SuCk your THumb (ok, so I don't do it anymore) , RuB your NoSe(a HaRt thing? you gotta see it), JumP for Joy, WiN a GamE (of any kind), be RiGht (that ToLd you So, kinda thing), FirSt sip of a FResh out of FouNTain coke, BaBy, ToDDLer, niBBling WeiGht waTchers 1-2 PoiNt Candy (mom's secret stash), CuTe friends (I will only HuG, not squish), and HeAring "I LoVe You" from your kids after they have been given Concequences (I know, it almost works to)!


When your "LoVE" BucKet is so full you just want to SquiSh. It's such a GooD feeling to have that kind of HaPPineSS inside, I want to share it on the outside....ThaNk you CheRyl for starting that!! HaVe you GOOSHED someone today!!!

I couldn't be more BleSSed!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wearing MaKe-UP!! (eye,eye,eye)

Kelcie has been asking for months now to wear MaKe-Up, so I decided to help her on her quest to grow up. It is so hard to see her becoming a YouNg LaDy. I can either ReVOLt or EnJoy her JouRNey into becoming a teenager with her. It is so hard to believe that after the EaRRings, BraCes, BraS, PaDs, and IbuProfen she would want MaKe-Up ("shaw, as if "says Kelcie, didn't that come from a movie? Yes, she is saying that)! So I went to the store and bought some fun "GliTTer" eye-shadow and other items to help her. She was so excited to wear Mascara yesterday and today, add the glitter and she was set! I'm so grateful for her WillinGNess to be PaTienT with me as I keep trying to reign her back from GroWinG Up!
1. Wet'n Wild make-up.
2. Curtis HanGing the CurTains.
3. DVD PlaYer in the Durango.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

"It's Pina Colada flavored"

5 Things I'd rather DriNk....
1. That Physo..drink to have a colonoscopy...
2. Home-made fountain drink from Sara at Golden Corral...
3. Alka-Seltzer...
4. Pepto-Bismal (upset stomach, diarrhea, know the song)...
5. Cough syrup (as much as I like the Tylenol with codeine side effects, sleepy sleepy (works well on the girls too when they are sick), it is NasTy)!!
I had to go in the other day for a CT scan and needed to drink this for prep 2 hours before. I've been having some problems (non-brain, can't help me with that) with my stomach (it just keeps growing, ha,ha). So I finally called the Doctor to help me out and hopefully this is the last test I will need to take..we shall see. It says to ShaKe well...Let me tell does NOT work!! The PiNa-CoLada flavor does nothing for it either!! Don't bother holding your NoSe CloSed, you might stop breathing from GaGGinG! All in all, pray you will never need a CT on your
stom-yack, because that is what you will be doing!!!
1. Talking to my MOM...I Love You!
2. Walking around in my under-clothes (we all know what I mean) with NO-BodY home (for several hours)!
3. Mitzey!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

SDRCtr Tsunami Swimmer

LoOk at OuR SwiMMer Go!!
Sat. March 29th

Doing the BuTtERfly...
Kelcie started SwiMMinG on a Pre-CoMp team last year. She was so ExCiTed to be able to be at the PoOl 3 times a WeeK. Well, a full YeAr of swimming has passed and she has moved up to the Jr. Pre-CoMp team and is rethinking the 3 times a WeeK. She has improved so much and keeps bettering (that a WoRd?) her times, it's hard to see her stop. She said she will finish out the competition season and see how she feels...HoPe she stays with it! Her SiSters LoVe to go and WatCh her. Sara gets such a KiCk out of YeLLinG her name...."FaSter Kelcie, FaSter!" We are VeRy ProUd of all her EfForTs to PrActiCe and ComPeTe.

1. Kelcies coach KriS.
2. HoMe-teacher, LaYne Thank You.
3. StRawBerry DiPPed BliZZard (small of coarse).

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We LoVe our AuNt KaroLyNN, CaRteR, and JaNika!!! Having ToTs for lunch is so GooD...ThaNk you Taco Time.
MoRgAn is so GOOSHY, GOOSHY. ThaNk HeaVen for LiTTle GiRlS! I do like boys but have had more practice on the female side...have yet to figure out still, don't know if I ever will.
This was a very GooD, and NiCe day. Went to school to volunteer...ya know keep that watchful eye on one of the girls...Did we really do that hard of "StuFF" in the 6th grade?! Afterwards had a FuN afternoon with KaroLyNN and her KiDs.
1. WeT KiSSes!
2. Mrs. WriGhT!
3. KaroLyNN!