Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We HaVe 5 SweeTies!!

MitSey HaS 5 BeauTiful KittiEs

The LaSt DaY of the BouTique...MitSey went into labor! By 10 p.m. all were here and MeOwing for MamA. She is such a GoOd little MoMMY. HowEveR....she Will be getting FiXed!!! We went to DiNNer and when we got home they were HeRe..CuRt was so CuTe..He wanted Mitzey to be WaRm (she was shivering, all that HaRd WoRk) so he had Kelcie get our HeAter to put in FronT of her to keep her WaRm!! GOosh, GoOsh moment...AAHH.There EyEs are SloWly opening and should be ready to GivE to families in 5 more weeks...Any TakErs let me know...They are ALL so CuTe, but I am not running a CaT farm...MoM????
1. Mitsey having a good first and last pregnancy!
2. Finding out my Sister is being Re-Baptized!
3. 5 weeks left of school...yeah SuMmer!


sharon said...

I am so happy she had her kittens. I would've loved to be there when she had them-just missed it. I bet the girls are just thrilled. Now they can have 5 playmates to keep them busy this summer, teehee!! I hope my gooshy girls enjoy their last 5 weeks and then FREEDOM!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

That IS pretty gooshy if I say so myself. Mitzy is a pretty good cat too. Can't wait for next week!

The Jorgensens said...

Glad all went well, although I am glad it is you and not me! LOL

Karolynn said...

They are so cute, I am so tempted to take the white one. Good thing Whitney and I are allergic. Thanks for putting on such a great boutique I hope my check doesn't bounce. (just kidding)

Natalie said...

I love it! I dont even like cats and they look cute.
I am glad everything went well and that the mamma is ok.

Good to talk to you!