Thursday, April 3, 2008

SDRCtr Tsunami Swimmer

LoOk at OuR SwiMMer Go!!
Sat. March 29th

Doing the BuTtERfly...
Kelcie started SwiMMinG on a Pre-CoMp team last year. She was so ExCiTed to be able to be at the PoOl 3 times a WeeK. Well, a full YeAr of swimming has passed and she has moved up to the Jr. Pre-CoMp team and is rethinking the 3 times a WeeK. She has improved so much and keeps bettering (that a WoRd?) her times, it's hard to see her stop. She said she will finish out the competition season and see how she feels...HoPe she stays with it! Her SiSters LoVe to go and WatCh her. Sara gets such a KiCk out of YeLLinG her name...."FaSter Kelcie, FaSter!" We are VeRy ProUd of all her EfForTs to PrActiCe and ComPeTe.

1. Kelcies coach KriS.
2. HoMe-teacher, LaYne Thank You.
3. StRawBerry DiPPed BliZZard (small of coarse).


The Jorgensens said...

Way to go Kelcie! We need to come watch one night! Did Layne sneak over there and fit in a home teaching lesson with out me knowing? :)

KC Kanenwishers said...

Go Kelcie!

Karolynn said...

Kelcie you are super de duper!!!! Those photos are cool too! Melanie, I am having w/o from you. I am glad I got to finally talk to Curtis at the YW party because I was worried about you! Good luck with your scan I am praying it is nothing or something little (really, really little). I love you!

sharon said...

Yeah for my Kelcie! I love to watch her swim when I am there visiting. She is more beautiful and a better swimmer than the little mermaid!!!!

Natalie said...

How fun!!!
yea kelcie!
She is darling and how awesome for her!
Miss ya!