Monday, April 14, 2008

The 411!


So, gooshing is a SuCk your THumb (ok, so I don't do it anymore) , RuB your NoSe(a HaRt thing? you gotta see it), JumP for Joy, WiN a GamE (of any kind), be RiGht (that ToLd you So, kinda thing), FirSt sip of a FResh out of FouNTain coke, BaBy, ToDDLer, niBBling WeiGht waTchers 1-2 PoiNt Candy (mom's secret stash), CuTe friends (I will only HuG, not squish), and HeAring "I LoVe You" from your kids after they have been given Concequences (I know, it almost works to)!


When your "LoVE" BucKet is so full you just want to SquiSh. It's such a GooD feeling to have that kind of HaPPineSS inside, I want to share it on the outside....ThaNk you CheRyl for starting that!! HaVe you GOOSHED someone today!!!

I couldn't be more BleSSed!


sharon said...

Thank you so much for sharing the gooshing with us. I wish I could goosh you all right now. Thank you for being such a loving mother to my granddaughters!!! Love you!!!!

Karolynn said...

That is so sweet! I just thought gooshing was squeezing babies. I love the photo too! Darling! Thanks for showing the love (goosh)to me and my family!

KC Kanenwishers said...

goosh away!!

The Jorgensens said...

thank you for the 411 on gooshing. I thought you were just playing with my fat :)

Still down sick so xoxoxo from a distance :)