Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Cutest ThinG -Ah, my GoOsh, GoOsh moment!
I was doing LAunDry (drag), when I turned around and saw the cutest thing...Sara ReaDing to Hannah. Now, ReaDing exactly maybe not, DescriBing the PictuRes more like it. ForTunately, I had time to GraB the CaMera before they SpLit (we all know how that is with little ones)!! GoOSh, GoOSh...
1. A Phone call from Karolynn.
2. A Phone call from Tricia.
3. A Phone call from my Mom.


Karolynn said...

Your darling twins! So cute! I am so excited about you know what. Luvs forever!

KC Kanenwishers said...

When I first glanced at that photo I thought it was another girl reading to Sara! I can't believe Sara is the big girl! Those two look a lot alike! So gooshy!!

sharon said...

Those little darlings remind me of you when you were little, reading and talking to your dolls. You guys used to play school and library a lot too. What a sweet moment to remember and cherish. I can't wait to goosh all my girls soon!

Natalie said...

Dont you just love it when your kids have those great friends that you just love to be around and have around?!
They are darling!
Good to talk to you today...hope you are doing better.