Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Triathlon...Kelcie:)

Saturday was quite a day for Kelcie. She competed in her first "Novice" Triathlon, while Curt participated in the "Sprint." There were 25 or so competing in the novice bracket. She place 11th in that category overall. She even made a friend along the way who helped jog her into the finish. When all was said and done, she said "WOW, I want to do that again!" Yeah for the success she felt and her desire to do another one. Thought, maybe I can try next time with her. Fortunately it was just a thought:) Not only was she competing against others, but especially herself. You go my Kelcie Roo!

Friday, May 29, 2009

PhotoStory Friday

acompleterunonsentence(spellcheckisgoingtolovethis:) Between bathroom remodels, family visiting, end of the year programs, volunteering, and sickness, these past few weeks have gone by in a blur of fury. So, while taking a 20 minute tan break with my niece the other day, we happened to notice the beautiful cloud formation above us. With the vibrant blue sky, and the white perfectly shaped cloud, the camera was needed. The image captured truly epitomized the moment...

PhotoStory Friday
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute...

This Beautiful lady is far from "In the Gutter" when it comes to her insightful and down right delightful writing. I have not had the pleasure of meeting this lady in person (living in another continent makes it slightly difficult). We do however share many passions together. Our Religion, Family, Shopping, Twilight and above all a good Coke! She is surrounded by 5 beautiful children and an Air Force Traffic Controller (whom is out on tour). She was one of my first followers. From that came about a sweet friendship, that I hope, if the internet collapses (gasp), we will be great pen pals, well maybe the phone is better (those who know me...I do NOT write letters).
We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars-Oscar Wilde (well stated off the title of her blog site). Mrs. J the Grockle (hmmm what does that mean? go to her site and find out), you are one of My STARS....:0)

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Photostory Friday...

We had a thunder storm roll on through last Sunday afternoon. Hearing the rumble of the thunder brought us out to witness the strength of Mother Nature. One minute it was pouring buckets. The next, a rainbow colored our view. During this myriad of wind, rain, lightening, thunder, rainbow and sun...Brynn could not resist the opportunity to dance in the rain. Unabashed joy. Thank you Mother Nature.

PhotoStory Friday
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Tuesday's Tribute and Wordful Wednesday...

So, I decided to combine these 2 "tag-alongs," since I've been missing out on Wednesdays lately and they are both from the same fun, sassy and ever so enjoyable site/lady. My tribute may get wordful because it is my sister, Cheryl (and a devoted follower, no bribing necessary). I will try to summarize the best way I know how....Here goes...

We had such a bonding relationship as children, never fighting, or being cruel...cough, cough. Fortunately we survived being sisters early on, with minor bodily damage (think I still have that bald spot and she can still see from her left eye)giggle... Our relationship took on a whole new level after we left the comforts of home (getting married and college) and hit adulthood with children. We moved to Utah, living with her and family for 3 weeks. My Kelcie and her Bridger became the best of friends during that time as well as the friendship that started with us and continues to this day. Catch that? Trying to keep it short...

She moved away (can't believe she would be so selfish to do that to me...because as always this tribute has to do with me). With baptisms, blessings, vacations, work, computer and the phone, I have been blessed to stay in touch with her. She is a seminary teacher, public relations specialist for the church in her area, daughter, wife, and above all a spectacular mother. In between those important roles in her life she keeps up with her blogging, facebooking, and other relationships in her life.

I have weathered many storms with her right by my side encouraging and loving me all the way through them (I know she secretly did when we were younger to, the horns came out more, where now it's just a halo:0). I know a phone call away with her has greater impact for a better day than a coke (ok, that's pushing it..tehe). I am truly blessed to have you Cheryl...I love you... Sisters do make the best of friends! Love her button...give it a click and goosh (it's a family thing)on her...she loves it!

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