Tuesday, September 30, 2008

WoRdFUL WedNesDay...

CliCk on Pictures to EnLaRge...to get the FuLL effect!!
This book is for those that have the time to SiT and PoNder their MoVeMents!! My sister bought this book while visiting this SuMMer...could not help but take a few PiCtureS...??!!
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Monday, September 29, 2008


The 411 on...dun,dun, DuN....LURKING!

Let's begin with a SoNg...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cHWcFcTOcs (this is the first song that came to mind when researching this topic..I do not agree with this artists choices, but he sure is an awesome entertainer and changed the way music, especially in the video genre, is viewed today) So...through the lyrics of Mr. Jackson...

I AlWaYs feel like, somebodies WatchiNg Me...

and I have NO PriVacy...OOo..O.o

intr.v. lurked, lurk·ing, lurks
1. To lie in wait, as in ambush.
2. To move furtively; sneak.
3. To exist unobserved or unsuspected: danger lurking around every bend.
4. To read but not contribute to the discussion in a newsgroup, chatroom, or other online forum

This has become quite a CoNcern among many bloggers in this AmaZing, InTriCate, HuGe and InForMative...community. Just googling images for this word is ScaRy! Now I know we ALL do it, and for some it is DaiLy. We LoVe the "LookieLoUs" and also AppriCiate those who take the time to CoMMent..."Who Take the TIME." TiMe being the operative word here. Since I purchased my Laptop I spend probably too much time on it.. posting, visiting family/friends/new friends via this amazing thing we call blogging, and yes...CheCkiNg out different blogs. I receive many HiTs (non-abusive) a day (ThanK you by the way). I take no offense if you JuSt stop by to look...If you LeaVe a comment it just makes it so FuN, because then I get to check you out (OOOoo). Kinda reminds me of a PopULariTy contest...I wanna be QueEn (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia)!!! So, the next question is...Should I be OFFended if I leave a comment and NEvEr get one back???

Saturday, September 27, 2008

One Year OLdEr and WiSer too...

HaPPy BiRthDay - CherYl

This is my BeaUtiFul sisters BirTHday. There are so many BleSSings in my life and she is at the top of that list! I have 5 SiSters (2 brothers) and she is the LeaDer of the bunch (estrogen fest). When we were YouNger, being the adolesents that we were..we had a rough go of it (actually we never fought, pulled hair, screamed at each other, or were mean by any stretch-cough, cough)..She soon went to CoLLege and that's when the RelaTionShip began (writing letters back and forth,amen to GroWing up). Once I was MaRRied with a ChiLd of my own we moved to UTah, where we lived with them for a few weeks. We found a home 20-30 north of her, but that did NoT impede our time together. Every other weekend or so we would SWaP out nieces for R&R..her youngest and my oldest are the same age..so it worked out VerY weLL! When they MoVed it RoCked my LittLe world..I MiSS her still after ManY years, being so close to me physically...if you were here CherYl here is what we would DO...

OnioN RinGs..hopefully WiThout the major stomach AchE and best of all

Ben'S CooKiEs..at the GatEway (even do some shopping)!

I "BoRRowed" this picture from her web site (go check out, darling blog, always with something good to think about and learn from)http://www.kckanenwishers.blogspot.com/ . She is the GreaTest friend, sister, daughter and Mother...I LoVe you and hope you have a WonDerFul Day!

1. HavinG ALL my sisters and 2 brothers!

2. Mom and Dad

3. Having UnLiMited LoNg distance minutes!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

PhotoStory Friday.."Artwork at the Guggenheim"

This is what happens when CuRt has the CameRa..a GuGGenHeim original!
(self portrait - camera shooting up to the ceiling of the museum)
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Tricia!

HaPPy BirTHday Tricia!
I met Tricia about 3 months after moving into our home. She is a Salon owner/StyliSt from her BeaUtiFul home. Since the 1st CUt and ColOr we have been FriEnds. When we go OuT together...it is OfTen asked if we are TwiNs...for me what a ComPliMent! OuR FrieNdship has gone through some TeSts, but ALL worth it! She is TruLy BeauTiful in EveRy way!!
HaPPy BiRThday..LoVe you!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordful Wednesday..New York Pigeon style

LookiNg at NeW YoRk from the EmpiRe StaTe building...this PigEon was JoiNing in on the SiTe seeing!!

1. Not being AfrAid of heights... very rare!

2. Having a CleaR day to look at the city.

3. CooLer temperatures!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The LDS Temple was so AmaZing to see in this MaSSive city. Walking into it felt like HoMe. Aah, the PeAceFulnes (k, maybe not in my home all the time, but in the city of organized honking, people, buildings, sirens, etc..).........
The RiCKsHaW ride in CenTral PaRk was my FaVorite part of the trip. Our DriVer was AweSoMe. He knew EVERY building, individuals who may live in the buildings and the HiStoRy of the park itself...so ImPreSSed we were! We had them take us to the MeT afterwards and let me tell you...just about peeed (sorry, no better way to describe it) all over ourselves because he PulleD into OnComiNg TraFFic to make a left hand turn, WitHout slowing down! Like I said...my FaVoriTe part of the trip.
"Strawberry Fields Forever" - "I'll be There for You"
(sing along)

The Guggenheim Museum...It was CloSing, so the main floor is the OnLy part we were able to see.

Later that evening, we went to SpaM-a-LoT...HillaRious!! Curtis Could'NT resist.

After the show, we WalKed around TiMe SquaRe to end the evening. All of a SuDDen a CamEra crew came up to CurT to interview him.. They asked him what he thought of the GoVermeNt buy out of companies (what do you think)? My LiTTle celebrity!
1. SeeiNg the Temple
2. RickShaW
3. TalkiNg on the SuBWay with a Volleyball Team from Missouri...they had a tournament in New York..They WoN...You go Girls!

Monday, September 22, 2008

New York day 2..Monday...

The BeaUtifuL Cathedrals hiding in various parts of New York. They are so OrNaTe and very MaJeStic even with ALL the Sky-rise buildings SuRROundiNg them.

$13.00 ChoCoLaTE!

YanKEE stadium...down to the last 7 games left to be played before it comes down, and the new one takes its place...Pretty CoOL. They WoN 4-2!

1. Take me out to the BaLL GaMe, take me out with the crowd..BuY me some PeanUts and CraCKer JaCks...I don't care if I never get back...So It's ROot, rooT, RoOt for the HoMe TeAm if they DoN't win it's a ShaMe...for it's 1-2-3 StriKes you're OuT, at the old ball GaMe!
2. The stadium only SeLLs CraCker JaCks..the prize in the box..a DoDgers StiCker..what???
3. Eating EXpeNsiVe chocolate..one TiNy piece..$3.00!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Photo Friday..New York...Sunday

ViEwiNg LaDy LiBerTy!
When we ArriVEd on Sunday, we WalKed FOREVER (well maybe that's exaggerating slightly, but ugh, it was so d@#* HoT and MuGGy)! Before we hit Wall Street, we went to look and Lady Liberty. Just as we were nearing the viewing area, Stephanie reached out and tenderly touched this plant (totally made me forget my whiny thoughts, for a moment). This was a random shot and turned out to be one of my favorite from the trip (click on picture to enlarge for more detail). If you look in the forefront you will see several single objects including...LaDy LiBerTy.
1. WaTer to drink
2. Being able to ChaNge out of our wet clothes (TwiCe in one day)!
3. It's good to be a PeDestRian-in New York
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(cannot again get the link correct on my post).

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New York..Sunday...

I WaNT to be apart of it NeW YoRk..NeW YoRk!!
We arrived downtown at 8 a.m. to a SpecTacuLar city (now this picture isn't the prettiest of the bunch, but this store is EveRywheRe). Duane Reade is a Rite Aid type store. We went there everyday... SeVeral times.

DuNkiN DonuTs ALL over as well. This one was in the SuBway StaTion.

We rode the SubWays everyday and man...cannot get used to the SMeLL!! Not only that, it was MuGGy and HoTTer than H. That being said, it is the BeSt way to get around...and quite FuN (we had some awesome experiences thanks to the subway, will write about that later).
I think I was a LiTTle "ReaDy for BeD" when this picture was taken. It was 90 and humid to the point we were literally showered in SwEat..sorry for the visual, but after taking a REd eye flight, walk off the PlaNe to WalKiNg for miles in the heat until midnight...what were we thinking?? Oh, yes NO KiDs!!

This MemoRiam is located at BaTTery Park. So amazing that this was one of the only pieces left from the 9/11 attacks. It was a place where everybody just walked in silence to the EnoRmity of the event. Between FlaGs, PictuRes in churches, and GroUnd ZeRo (so sad they closed it off to rebuild, but also so grateful for the move FoRward), it was truly a HuMbling feeling...

K...RiDing the Wall Street BuLL... BoYs??!!
TimE SquAre...AwEsomE!!
The MooN rising ABoVe the CitY...GooDNite
(for us, not for the rest of the city)
1. Having the StreNgth to Walk for MilEs EVERDAY!
2. Upgrading to a BiGGer suite..had our own sleeping rooms.
3. BreaKfast on the upper DeCk every morning! 44th Floor