Sunday, June 15, 2008

DaD and GraNdpa P.


I could not have asked for a better DaD.... He is the BeSt!! From CamPing, TarGet (as in rifles, not shopping, I learned that from his BeTter half tehe) PrActiciNg, SchoOl ProGrams, to DaddY DauGhter moments (TalKs), HaRd worK, LeaDership, SenSe of HuMor, and TenDer HuGs. He covers all the important elements of being a FaTher, DaD, and GraNdpa!! My girls know he is the BeSt LaP, CuddlY (Poo Bear has nothin on him), and FuN! Above all I am so GraTeful for the HonOr he gives to the PrieSthood.
I Love you Dad... Happy Fathers Day!


I am so BlessEd to have CurTis as a HubbY and Father to all of us GiRls!! He is a BaSketball Lovin, (sports in general), PlaYful and EnerGetic DaD, TenDer LiStener (especially with the hormonal daughters), VacaTion SeEker, GoaL driven, MuSic SinGer (in his head), ReMote ConTrol holder, FuLL of one LineR jokEr, and LauGhs like no other (you should feel the bed shake during the night when he is having a dream he is a stand up comic)!! He too has blessed us with holding the Priesthood in our home. There is nothing more sweet then when the Priesthood is in use.


I Love you My CuRtis.... Happy Fathers Day!

1. CoRbyn
2. CuRtis
3. HarolD
4. RoGer (I will write about him next)!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last WeeKend Harold and Nacele came by to visit (all too short by the way). A friend in the ward had a large pine TreE that needed to be cut down. He had bids for up to $1ooo.oo to bring this LEaning ToWer of a tree down. Harold decided to have a look for himself and determine if he could do it....and He DiD!! We were ALL so WoRRied that the leaning tree would fall on the home behind but NoT Harold (he was a LoGGer after all). He KnEw exactly what needed to happen and WhEre the tree would land, and by golly it DID. Five MinuTes after we arrived that TrEE was DOwN and being chopped into smaller pieces.
It was so AwEsome to see that large tree come falling DoWn and to See HaroLd in his element (kinda a rub your nose moment, it's a HaRt thing). Curt even took his HaNd at trying it out. An ahh moment as well, Father, Son... Curt said he actually EnjoyEd taking a ChAin SaW to it and getting down and DiRty. You feel like you have AccoMplishEd something when done (a BaCk ache, sore MuscLes you didn't know you had lol). You realize your NoT as YouNg as you once were, BounCing back is alot HaRder! Also while there, a reunion of sorts. An old Friend from CaVe JuNction of all places, who was visiting the neighbor where the tree could have landed!!
Afterwards they came back to the house where Nacele PlaYed with the GraNdkids. We LovE seeing them and are so GraTEful for the TimE we had!!
1. Harold and Nacele
2. Chris TrusTing us
3. The AwEsome smell of FreSh PiNe!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The ABC's of SuMMer

A. APPles from the tree
B. BryNn - BoAting (ShaBah style) - BeaR LaKe

C. CurTis - CaMping
D. DanDilions - Just KeeP them OFF the Lawn
E. Eating OuTside (could be a Barbecue to)
F. FriEnDs - FloWers - FamiLy ReuniOns

G. GaBBing on the phone 59 MinS. BabY - GarDening - GirLs CamP
H. Hydrangeas - HanSens PoOl
I. IcE ColD water on a HoT Day - ICe CreAm
J. LaGooN

K. KelCiE
L. LaTex GloVEs to garden with - Just ThrOw away when Done!
M. Matinees - MaUi BaBe tanning lotion
N. NaPs
O. OuTDoors - OtTer PoPs
P. PeAchEs (fresh CaNned) - PoOl - PINEVIEW!!
Q. Quail (so cute as babies)
R. ReFresHments...of the ChoColate sort and CoKe
S. SaRa - SwiMMing - SleePing in
T. ThyMe (Lemon thyme smells out of this world during the
U. UmbreLLa for the ShAde
V. VaCations
W. WatErMelon for DessErt
X. ???
Y. YellowStone we hope - YaWning as the last letter comes....
Z. ZZzzzzz's - hopefully in a hammocK!

This list was sent to me by Holly (shout out - HaPPY BirThday)and I thought it would be good to write it on my blog. It was so fun to think of the many things that can happen during the summer. I'm so glad to come up with the happy stuff because the heat is a kicKer to me and so, SoRRy, I look forward to spring and fall - PeRfect Temps!
What is your Alphabet of Summer?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SChoolS OUt For SuMMer!!
Centerville 6th grade Program

DanCing and SinGiNg - Hours of PracTice

RefreshMents and DecoRations - VolunteeR and Teacher monEy

AfTer ProGram DanCe - ResT of the Day

Mrs. WriGht - PRICELESS!

This was an AmAzing Program. The teachers and students spent many hours putting this together and you could tell!! This could have been a play and I would have been very pleased with my purchase. So awesome to see the kids coming together and giving us such a wonderful look into their world through school. We are so blessed that Kelcie had Mrs. Wright. She is a huge stepping stone in Kelcies life into becoming a Young Woman....from education to friendship, I will always be grateful for teachers like her, who seem to effortlessly, "Teach Our Children Well," in supporting us parents, to better their lives. Thank you does not seem to do justice!! Seeing those kids come together with no judgements or apprehension to let loose was so good to see.

Now onto Jr. HigH (eye,eye,eye)!

1. Mrs. Wright

2. Kelcies FriendShips

3. Seeing Kelcie "LeT LoOse!"

4. Getting 4s.....on report card!

5. SaRa sitting still through WhoLe program!

Monday, June 2, 2008

1st GraDe ProGram

Mrs. BeeSon

BryNN had a ShoRt but SwEEt program on the 29th of May. Her TeaCher is so CuTe. This was Mrs. Beesons first program show casing (through memorized parts and singing) what her StuDents learned. She shed some tears as she said her "GooDbyes." I can only imagine teaching these children for a year and having to let them go to continue with other teachers. They are like a part of her FaMily. She will be MiSSEd.
Brynn got her report card back and they were ALL 4s!! We are so PRoud of our BryNN Bear. She brings such DeLiGht to our family everyday.
If you need a PiCk me Up...just call...she will be so HaPPy to fill your LoVe bucket!! She is TruLy a JOY....
1. Brynn
2. Mrs. BeeSOn
3. Curtis able to CoMe to the ProGram