Sunday, June 15, 2008

DaD and GraNdpa P.


I could not have asked for a better DaD.... He is the BeSt!! From CamPing, TarGet (as in rifles, not shopping, I learned that from his BeTter half tehe) PrActiciNg, SchoOl ProGrams, to DaddY DauGhter moments (TalKs), HaRd worK, LeaDership, SenSe of HuMor, and TenDer HuGs. He covers all the important elements of being a FaTher, DaD, and GraNdpa!! My girls know he is the BeSt LaP, CuddlY (Poo Bear has nothin on him), and FuN! Above all I am so GraTeful for the HonOr he gives to the PrieSthood.
I Love you Dad... Happy Fathers Day!


I am so BlessEd to have CurTis as a HubbY and Father to all of us GiRls!! He is a BaSketball Lovin, (sports in general), PlaYful and EnerGetic DaD, TenDer LiStener (especially with the hormonal daughters), VacaTion SeEker, GoaL driven, MuSic SinGer (in his head), ReMote ConTrol holder, FuLL of one LineR jokEr, and LauGhs like no other (you should feel the bed shake during the night when he is having a dream he is a stand up comic)!! He too has blessed us with holding the Priesthood in our home. There is nothing more sweet then when the Priesthood is in use.


I Love you My CuRtis.... Happy Fathers Day!

1. CoRbyn
2. CuRtis
3. HarolD
4. RoGer (I will write about him next)!


KC Kanenwishers said...

What a great tribute to the dads in your life!

Karolynn said...

Great men for sure! You sang so pretty today!

sharon said...

I love the tribute you did for Father's Day! You really made Dad's morning before work today, as I had him look at this before he left. Thanks for all the love!
Love you!!!!

The Jorgensens said...

Happy Late Fathers Day Curtis! You are so fun to be around...your wife is pretty fun too LOL!

See you at Lagoon!

Natalie said...

Hello there stranger!!
How the heck are you?
I miss your face!
I assume you are at camp this week...isn't it this week?

How is your summer going?
Call me when you get back so we can hang out.

The Jorgensens said... you need to change your blog and update! You have been so busy, so I know you have something you can post! GET ON IT GIRL!

Um, yes, and when are we going to get together. You take me to dinner and talk, were you just using me for sex talk LOLOLOL!