Thursday, June 5, 2008

The ABC's of SuMMer

A. APPles from the tree
B. BryNn - BoAting (ShaBah style) - BeaR LaKe

C. CurTis - CaMping
D. DanDilions - Just KeeP them OFF the Lawn
E. Eating OuTside (could be a Barbecue to)
F. FriEnDs - FloWers - FamiLy ReuniOns

G. GaBBing on the phone 59 MinS. BabY - GarDening - GirLs CamP
H. Hydrangeas - HanSens PoOl
I. IcE ColD water on a HoT Day - ICe CreAm
J. LaGooN

K. KelCiE
L. LaTex GloVEs to garden with - Just ThrOw away when Done!
M. Matinees - MaUi BaBe tanning lotion
N. NaPs
O. OuTDoors - OtTer PoPs
P. PeAchEs (fresh CaNned) - PoOl - PINEVIEW!!
Q. Quail (so cute as babies)
R. ReFresHments...of the ChoColate sort and CoKe
S. SaRa - SwiMMing - SleePing in
T. ThyMe (Lemon thyme smells out of this world during the
U. UmbreLLa for the ShAde
V. VaCations
W. WatErMelon for DessErt
X. ???
Y. YellowStone we hope - YaWning as the last letter comes....
Z. ZZzzzzz's - hopefully in a hammocK!

This list was sent to me by Holly (shout out - HaPPY BirThday)and I thought it would be good to write it on my blog. It was so fun to think of the many things that can happen during the summer. I'm so glad to come up with the happy stuff because the heat is a kicKer to me and so, SoRRy, I look forward to spring and fall - PeRfect Temps!
What is your Alphabet of Summer?


sharon said...

What a great ABC list for summer. You really got me in the mood for all the wonderful sights, smells, tastes, activities, and family get-togethers!! Thanks for a very bright spot in my day!!! Love you!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

I love that list...I wonder if I could come up with anything else?

Perez Family said...

Melanie, you are so sweet, and have the neatest things to say. Thanks for making my day too! Love you.

Karolynn said...

That was so fun to read, you are always so creative! I love G!!!

Melanie said...

G. and P. are my fav over the summer!!!P. can't come soon enough, bring out the octopus!!!

The Jorgensens said...

Very cute! That list took me forever to do!

Thanks again for last night! I really had a great time! Here is to next time!

Julie said...

Hey Melanie,
Congrats on winning a header!!! Lets get crackin on it! I'm giving you a fast pass through the waiting list so you're up. The easiest way for me to do this would be for you to go to and fill out the questionnaire. Then we can go from there.
Can't wait!!

Crandall Family said...

I love your blog!It's so cute!!!
My mom told me you had one so I found it from hers. She said you were posting some pictures of a big tree that harold cut down. I can't wait to see them,
Happy Blogging!

Karolynn said...

It was fun singing with you last night! We totally rock! Thanks for the cup cake!!!! I ate it on the way home from guitar and the crumbs fell down my bra. LOL