Monday, June 2, 2008

1st GraDe ProGram

Mrs. BeeSon

BryNN had a ShoRt but SwEEt program on the 29th of May. Her TeaCher is so CuTe. This was Mrs. Beesons first program show casing (through memorized parts and singing) what her StuDents learned. She shed some tears as she said her "GooDbyes." I can only imagine teaching these children for a year and having to let them go to continue with other teachers. They are like a part of her FaMily. She will be MiSSEd.
Brynn got her report card back and they were ALL 4s!! We are so PRoud of our BryNN Bear. She brings such DeLiGht to our family everyday.
If you need a PiCk me Up...just call...she will be so HaPPy to fill your LoVe bucket!! She is TruLy a JOY....
1. Brynn
2. Mrs. BeeSOn
3. Curtis able to CoMe to the ProGram


sharon said...

What a doll our Brynnie is!! She is so smart and just leaves little sparkles whever she goes. I wish I could have seen her program. I bet it was adorable. I can't wait to see you guys again. Give Brynnie a "bear" hug from her "fluffy" grandma!! Love you!!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Good job Brynnie! She's so smart...of course she got all 4's!!

The Jorgensens said...

Good Job! Woohoo! We love the 4's here also....not so much the 2's, but they do happen occasionally :)

Karolynn said...

You know Brynn treats me like I am Hannah Montana, she just acts like I am a celebrity. I just totally love your children! Thanks for my cupcakes. I am so happy that Carter didn't finish his :) It was awesome to walk in the door and have them waiting for us. Love you!