Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wordful Wednesday...

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has a WoRdful WednesDay...

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The other NiGht we went to a FrieNds home to enjoy SwiMMing, FooD, GooD company, and BeaUtiFul views! While walking around to the yard I saw the CooLest picture moment...Brynn and a DoE having a staring contest..both were very StaTuesque. You could hear a PiN drop.

During DiNNer I could not help but take pictures of the many VariAtions of a WonDerful SunSet. Whether doing DiShes, EatiNg, or SwiMMing...this is their view. GorGeoUs!

1. the grocery store this afternoon I thought I was ToUgh enough to carry 2 cases of JaRs and all the canning materials needed...WronG! This gentlemen happened to walk by and asked if he could help.."Can I carry them for you...get you a cart?" UUHH..( brain works ReALLy slow sometimes). Finally I said that would be great and away he went to grab me a cart...Oh my GoSH, how awesome is that?!! There are still people out there like that..I had to ask his give him a proper ThaNk you!!
2. StaYing to chat with Karolynn
3. FiniShing several ProJects
4. Holly-GaS (thanks for the quick call) LOL
5. FinDing JarS this time of year to can...WiDe mouth even
6. MitSey is home
7. Sara SlePt upstairs last night, so not in our room for the first time in a year!-10 mins. to watch tv upstairs (thanks Karolynn)!


kim said...

Sara and the doe, priceless. Beautiful sunset pics. Sunsets are gorgeous are every where. Finished projects. What are those?

Love ya

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Saw you over in the WW group. What a cute blog you have. Love how you alter the size and emphasis of your type face. FUN! Also, great pics.

Glad I stopped by.

mommaof4wife2r said...

i love the doe pic...amazing is the best word i can think of.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

gorgeous view - is this your backyrad? Amazing!

angie said...

OK....the sunset, incredible. The picture of B-Bear with the Doe.....absolutely amazing. I'm so glad you joined in today. Such a treat.

Holly said...

Mrs. Hart #1:
I would say that there was much more to that conversation than GAS!

I totally LOVE the WIDE mouth jars! :)

Until I get my do not solicite stickers from you I have to make my own sign on paper. I was thinking of doing it in a few different languages so I cover all my bases? Yea?

Have fun in NYC! Think of me when you look at your floor in your hotel and think it looks so bare...I could be there!

Mrs. Hart-Jorgensen #2

Good N Crazy said...

Okay, whoa? I can't believe you were able to get the camera out in time. And lately I know something about sunsets, glad you got a good one too.

What are you canning?

KC Kanenwishers said...

Gorgeous sunset...oh I miss the west. I have some wide mouth jars...would you like me to send them to you? They aren't being used right now. I have little wide mouth ones too...they make perfect gifts..when do you leave for NYC?

Karolynn said...

I am so glad Misty is home. Sarah slept up stairs???? WAHOO!! She knows the Secret to sleep!!! The photo of Bren staring at the Deer is amazing and should be entered into a contest. Beautiful photos! Are you going to NY? Thanks for visiting with me yesterday!