Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ThrouGh the Eyes of SaRa!

UnCle JiM

I remember when I was a little girl thinking my UnCle JiM was the FunNest, Nice-Est, and yes BeSteSt Uncle out there!! That has not changed! I WaTched as SaRa SoAked him up. He still has such a SweeT VitaLity surrounding him. I AlwaYs felt ImpoRtant, and I know SaRa felt the SamE way. He and my grandfather came for just a short stay on April the 18th...the same day I came home from the retreat. I wish that we could see them more often, but sure do TreAsure these SweEt MoMents!
1. UnCle Jim!
2. ShoRt (wish it could be longer) and SwEet visits!
3. Seeing Uncle Jim through Sara's eyes....Aahh...Goosh, Goosh!


sharon said...

What a sweet duo those two are. Gentle Jim has always been so special, and Sarie Berrie really connected with him.She is so fun to spend time with!! I really enjoyed all the family bonding that went on that evening, and I know the Spirit was felt there by us all. Thank you for opening your home and your hearts at such a busy time! Love you!!

The Jorgensens said...

Very cute pictures!

Glad to see you found how to work the collage for pictures!

Have a good one.

Karolynn said...

I have an uncle Jim too and he is very awesome! I love the way Sara is looking up at him. Darling!

Melanie said...

I can't get the picasso to work so I just do it myself...uugghh. You'll have to help my slow side, that is my brain not the physical (lol) however that part is not going slow at all!!xomel

Alexis said...

Cute!!! =)