Friday, May 2, 2008

GrandPa ArgYle

TenDer MoMent with GranDpa

SaRa ShariNg her M&Ms

Grandpa Argyle loved to have SaRa SneAk him some M&Ms. In return he showed my girls the proper etiquette to holding a CaNe. I can't believe how quickly we grow up and old...I hope that I will be full of vitality when I am a GraNdma, GreAt GraNdma, and so on, just like GrAndpa. Yes I do think about having many GraNdkids!!! If I could have had more children I would have and so I hope my girls can have many for me to SPoiL!!

How cute is He!! We had some very SweeT Cuddle moments with Grandpa. LiFe is Too ShoRt to miss these....We all need LoviN from our GranDparents....wish I had more! Mom, some of your pictures are coming NeXt.

1. GranDpa ArGyle!
2. Sharing ChoColate with SaRa!
3. GranDpa sweet Smell....LikE going HoMe!


mtlarsen's said...

Very cute pics!!!!!!! He still looks really good! I can't believe he's that old ((He's like a Dick Clark)) Luv ya, Tonia

sharon said...

Grnadpa loves your little ones so much!! There isn't anything more precious than grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He and I are very proud of our posterity!! Love you!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Wish I could have been there!