Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pre-ScHool GraduAtion!!!
The Program was DarLing with MuSic and each having a SpeAking part. Saras partner was a cute Boy...ConNer!! She was HaPPy with that. Can't believe how quickly she is GroWing....LoviNg every minute of it!!

"We're moving on up, we've past our test...and proven that we're the blooming BEST!"
(Sara speaking part)

All Done and ReaDy for KindiGarten...
1. Sara actually wearing a DreSS!
2. MemoriZation!
3. Great RefReshMents!


mtlarsen's said...

How cute ! congrats!!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Yeah...she's a rock star! Your baby will be in kindergarten this year!

sharon said...

Congratulations to your "baby", who is now on her way to kindergarten. What a fun event to mark her success. She is so smart, I bet she was the preschool "valedictorian". Wish I could have been there. Love you lots!!!!

Karolynn said...

I love this little girl! Did you cry? I did at Whitney's. They just grow up too fast! She looks so cute in her little outfit. I love Jesus in the background, I really love him!

Thank you for keeping me from sending that email today, you really take good care of me! Thank you for answering the phone sister from another mister.