Thursday, May 15, 2008

San Francisco

I am NoT a "ShriMp", I am a "KiNg" PronG!!

We had such a good time in FriSco!! We stayed along the "Fishermans Wharf." They called it a "HoT" day and warned all residence to stay "CooL." Mind you it was a whopping 80 outside and felt wonderful. The sky was blue, the wind calm, and the fog not really there. Each night we were surrounded by entertaining medical Doctors, nurses and staff from different hospitals.
Both nights Tricia, pictured above (in the middle) and Lori (in white, front) came. On the 2nd night they brought a friend, Gean (behind Tricia in white). What a HOOT it was to sit and have "AduLt" (take that comment how you may, tehe) conversation. A little background on... Tricia (Patricia, she is called)...we met in Seattle. Since then we stay in pretty good contact and when we get together.....such ComFortable, be YourSelf kind of, FuN, ParTy, AbunDant SweeTness, and ConsTant LaugHter!

From DessErts with funny names...MonKey sundae, houses stacked on top of each other, Curtis wanting to SWim to Alcatraz, shopping AloNe (Curtis was at a luncheon), ghirardelli HoT ChocolaTe, "patchwork quilts" of land, to AmaZing SunSets (especially of the GoldeN GaTe BridGe)....this may have been a short trip, but was jammed with wonderful sites, sounds, smells, tastes and yes...touch (the down bedding..duhh). All senses were very happy this trip!

1. HaviNg a BuS parK so CloSe to us with a St. Jude Logo on it, we could not get out!!
3. Marriot "Sleep in and buy it" BeDs...OH my HEAVEN!


sharon said...

What an AMAZING trip! So glad you got to enjoy such beautiful weather in such a terrific place. You should've let Curtis swim to Alcatraz - he might have made it!!
Love you, and glad you are back safe and sound.

The Jorgensens said...

Welcome back. Cute template.

KC Kanenwishers said...

One of my favorite "towns". You had perfect weather too! I'm all about the Marriott beds...Weston has them too and every time we sleep in them we love it. That's what inspired us to get a new bed.

Karolynn said...

That sounds like a great trip! I missed you! I love your new background!