Monday, May 26, 2008

It's 3 a.m.!!!

So, I awoke at 2 a.m. this morning for some ghastly reason...why?? Many things on the mind, but one keeps coming back...what friend is loud? Me....there are so many different ways to describe my personality and that word is not my favorite. It hit me funny because since I have lived here I have been called all sorts of un-appealing titles. How horrible to hear those things keep ripping apart my brain!! I know I am being to personal, drama or sensitive...all things I have been told. It gets me if I am hearing it from more than's got to be true. Kinda hard to process sometimes.

I'm so grateful for opportunities to be a better person. I hope that as challenges come my way that I will take hold of them and try to stand a little taller. Be a little kinder, Have more patience, Forgive better and with that Forget, Worry and Stress less, Think kinder thoughts, Be a better Mom, Wife, Sister, and Friend.

In no way am I trying to point fingers at anybody....I needed to write this down so maybe I could sleep better. I don't like my mind to race this life already does that for me. Having a good cry is always good for the reserves, sometimes you don't know how full they really are until they start to overflow...over loud..

Need a little pick me up...maybe He's awake!!


KC Kanenwishers said...

Well, I hope that this eases your mind. I called you my loudest friend to compliment you. Thanks to you speaking up, we got a discount and a free entree at Applebees. That is in no way a bad characteristic. Speaking up for what you believe and not being ashamed is good.

The Jorgensens said...

Oh Mel,

I also hope I didn't hurt you when I called you loud. In no way did I mean it a bad way. You are so funny, with the funniest jokes, with the funniest way to say things. You don't care who hears you if we are somewhere. I like that about you!
I love ya! Can't wait for our fun festivities this week!

Have a great Memorial Day!

sharon said...

OK my little straight-shooter, you are not loud in a bad way-only as Cheryl said, in a good one! Thanks for saving me a bunch of money in a righteous cause! We all have a list we are working on all the time, so I hope you will get some rest, and know how very much you are loved!!! P.S. Keep on saving me money every chance you get-you are my heroine!! Love you!!

Karolynn said...

If Curtis isn't awake for a pick me up, the Lord is always awake, or you can call me any time even at 3am, you just may have to call twice before my mind registers that the phone is ringing. Any way loud can mean so many things from the noise you make to the clothes you wear and I know you are NOT a loud person at all. I love you, If I had a choice between coke and you, I would choose you for sure (that is a lot of love sister)