Tuesday, May 6, 2008

HunTer Bug

HunTer Bug with AunT MelaNie
When HunTer was a WeE LiTtle thing, she loved to CuDdle AuNt MelaNie. I SoAked it up because it was easy to GoOsh her all up! This picture was taken and meant to be a color photo but did not take that way. I was so glad the negative photo somehow got damaged because this is one of my FaVoriTe photos. This visit was at my Moms' home on Hill road in Klamath Falls Oregon. Hunter Bug did not want to sleep at night and so I would take her for a couple of hours and sit in the front room looking at the StaRs and telling her StoRies. We did that for the 3 nights I was there. I'm so GrateFul for the TenDer moments I was able to share with her at that age. What a BeAutiful YouNg LadY she has turned out to be. HunTer, I LovE you and ThanK you for the SwEEt letter....S.W.A.K.!!!!
1. Chloe
2. Hunter
3. Bridger


Karolynn said...

Nothing like sweet family! I know you love them oodles!

sharon said...

You have always had such a tender spot for Hunter, and I know that it means a lot to her. She is gorgeous and talented just like her Aunt Melanie! I love that picture too-it's a treasure just like you two. Love you!

KC Kanenwishers said...

I love this picture of you and Hunter. I remember being pretty tired that trip! I will have to make sure Hunter sees this!

Natalie said...

What a beautiful picture!
I love it!
What a cute aunt you are.
How are ya?

Karolynn said...

I love your new background. I love singing on the phone with you! Crazy nuts we are!

Melanie said...

We are crazy nuts with a purpose...to make sure we are happy, loved, not walked on, coke drinkin, 59++++ minutes, kid lovin, sanity hoped, CJr chocolate shake cravin, amen to a nice weather day, pineview soon comin, zoo passes, 2 am blog searchin, and many more...what a wonderful life we have and share...Love you, Mel

Melanie said...

Hi Miss (Mrs. technically) Nat...how are you today? Hope you are feeling better..SWAK...Mel

The Jorgensens said...

Ok...here I am :)...Love the new background...see you tonight! Hope you have something wacky and wild up your sleave for your talent! :)

Oh and YES, I do want to do the Party....do we have access to a projector?