Thursday, May 8, 2008

KelCie Roo

"Thou art thy mother's glass
and she, in thee, calls back
the lovely April of her prime."

Last night was MoTHer-DauGHter night for YW. EacH girl had to stand and introduce their MoMs. When KeLcie got up, I was a bit WoRRied that she would ThRow up (long story). She said the SwEEtest things about me. I KnoW that her HeaRt truly feels those things and I am So GrAteful for her. After her InTro I stood and gave some insite (scary)to her when she is a MoTher (grand-babies, GOosh,GooSh). It was based on a accordian card my Mom sent that said "CHEER."
I started with... Be of GoOd
C - cleanliness
H - helping
E - eating healthy
E - earn
R - responsibility - Respect
which will bring you
J - Jesus
O - others
Y - yourself.
All the mothers had such great insight on what might be the simplest of concepts of motherhood, but actually are some daily routines. Like IroNing, DarNing socks, CooKing, HaiR, KeePing a ScheDule/CalenDar, and how to put on a PiLLow CaSe to name a few. Each girl had the chance to write down the information given to help them as they grow into becoming WoNderful MoThers. What a great organization that teaches one of the most important roles a woman will have....MOM.

After all the women shared their ideas, we (the MoMs ONLY) had to also share a talent (not one to really be happy to show). Some of them were....Karolynn (she was going to do the worm, but breast feeding......) sang like an OpERa singer, Holly made her TonGue like a FloWer (can she tie a cherry into a knot?), Becky did the HiP fleXer dance (pretty good I might add), Patsey had her ToeS DanCe (have to see it), and I decided to BloW SpiT BuBbles off the tip of my ToNgue. Now I know these talents are usually better left in the closet, but every now and again it is refreshing to bring them OuT (put them back PromPtly)!

It was such a fun night. What I really EnJoyed the MosT was seeing Kelcie as a YounG WomAn interacting with the other girls. I DoN't get to see that side of her very often and what PuRe JoY it brought me!! I am so BleSsed to have her as a DauGhter (my sweet little RoO). I HopE to continue to ShaRe those MomEnts with HeR!

1. Kelcie!
2. The Great Desserts - Crepes!
3. Taking Whit home!


The Jorgensens said...

Very fun night!

sharon said...

What a wonderful evening you had with Kelcie-rooney. You are both dolls and I am so proud of both of you! Being a mom is the very best and I am so grateful that you were able to become one. There was a time when I wondered if you could bear children, and through all the trials of trying the Lord has blessed you, and me so abundantly!Last night was a payday! Love you!!

Karolynn said...

You both were and are just darling! I had a fun night too. It was nice just sitting back relaxing and laughing. Will you blow me a bubble my way next time we sit close to each other in sacrament meeting? I will catch it!

Julie said...

This is Leelou from Leelou Blogs. So don't be totally freaked out by me, but I was creeping on other blogs that have links to my Leelou blog. I happened to see the picture of your mom and sister and thought it was so funny! I used to babysite your sisters Brooke and Lexi! My name used to be Julie Mortenson. I don't think you know who I am, but I love your family! Anyway, just thought I would share. Small World!