Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tonia, Cassandra and Dan

Mothers' Day Weekend - 2008

The Eve of Mothers Day was truly a delightful and wonderful experience. Tonia was re-baptized with Cassandra being baptized by her Hubby/Dad into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. What a momentous occasion to see the Spirit radiate throughout their body. We all need to have that inner beauty surrounding us always...being there reminded me of the promises made...we are here to show our Heavenly Father our devotion, willingness and obedience to His teachings and example. We will see Him someday...will I have kept my end of the deal? I sure hope so.
So many "road blocks" to tackle...Tonia and Dan with strep throat. Our Dad with pneumonia. Really Tonia had a tubule pregnancy which led to surgery - once to remove the fetus, the next day to fix a cut in her bowel. All on the same weekend. Our Dad was able to confirm his daughter and granddaughter members of the church even though very ill. Later that evening a blessing was given to him by Alexis' fiance, what a spiritual high we were on. All on the Eve of Mothers' Day.
My sister Cheryl wrote about it on her blog and so did our Mother. They have such sweet accounts of their feelings and I highly recommend reading it, had to borrow a few pictures from mom but I have really wanted to write about it...thanks mom.
I am so grateful that I was able to make this shared experience with my sisters, parents, and the only boy in the car...soon to be brother in-law, Robby. It was just awesome to witness a family pass on generations of righteous posterity...WOW! Thank you Tawny, Dan and Cassie for feeding my spirit and helping me remember the importance of keeping and living my covenants.

1. Driving a "Sound" car - whew!
2. Radar Detector!
3. Miracles!


Karolynn said...

That sounded like such a wonderful weekend, minus the surgery and sickness. I love the photos. She is lucky to have you as a sister, you are so supportive of your family.

sharon said...

Oh my goodness - it was so exquisite and so terrible all at the same time! We had a feast of the Spirit and love for each other, and trials and obstacles strewn all over. The end result were blessings beyond compare. The sacrifices made by you and your sisters to come here will long be remembered with gratitide, and I shall never forget this Mother's Day weekend as long as I live. You are so special to me. Thank you for everything!!! I love you!!!

KC Kanenwishers said...

That was definately a memorable weekend! I still can't believe how smooth and yet how crazy it was.