Sunday, May 4, 2008

My "Na-Ma"

GraNdMa PoMeroY
The same weekend my Uncle and Grandpa were here, I was lucky to have my Mom with us. She StaYed for a FeW short days longer. There is NoThinG like being GoOshed from Grandma! Between BrYnn and her ReAding, SaRa PlayiNg, KelCie CuDdling, HeLping me get ready for my BouTiQue, she was getting her LoVe BuCket filled as well as me and the girls....We so WiSh she lived here. HaviNg GranDma around just seems to LiGhten our LoAd and bring such JoY into our HoMe.
HeR SmiLe can BriGhten up a room...We LoVe her so MuCh!!!
1. GraNdma!
2. MoM!
3. BeSt FriEnd!


KC Kanenwishers said...

Man, I can't wait to get to their house!! I wish they lived in Utah too!

sharon said...

I'm feeling a little weepy right now. Thank you for such a sweet post about my visit with you. I SO LOVE you guys and miss you every day. Uncle Jim told me I sure seem to enjoy kissing the girls a lot, and what he doesn't know is that I actually have to hold back so I don't goosh them too much and drive them crazy! I really enjoyed my visit-thank you so much. Love you!!!

Karolynn said...

I adore you Mom! She is so awesome and nice to me. She also let me have that awesome bracelet, so special to me! Loves!! I loves you and your family!