Tuesday, April 1, 2008

We LoVe our AuNt KaroLyNN, CaRteR, and JaNika!!! Having ToTs for lunch is so GooD...ThaNk you Taco Time.
MoRgAn is so GOOSHY, GOOSHY. ThaNk HeaVen for LiTTle GiRlS! I do like boys but have had more practice on the female side...have yet to figure out still, don't know if I ever will.
This was a very GooD, and NiCe day. Went to school to volunteer...ya know keep that watchful eye on one of the girls...Did we really do that hard of "StuFF" in the 6th grade?! Afterwards had a FuN afternoon with KaroLyNN and her KiDs.
1. WeT KiSSes!
2. Mrs. WriGhT!
3. KaroLyNN!


The Jorgensens said...

I hate that I miss these secret meetings!

Looks like fun!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Looks like good gooshing going on!

Karolynn said...

That was the best day ever! I love it when you come over and do that! Thanks for decorating my shelf and feeding me. You are such a dear and special friend! I love it when you come to my home! You take the edge off of my bad days, like a pain pill. I love you! Darling photos too!

sharon said...

What a darling bunch of kids! I could goosh every one of them. Sounds like a wonderful day all the way around. Good deal-you deserve it!