Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch today....

Having LunCh with Grandma Dorothy at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was so NiCe today. The weather was PerFect and the atmosphere PeaceFUL. The FooD at the cafe was so GooD..YUMMY!!

After lunch we decided to go to the Joseph Smith movie. I am so GraTeFul to have seen it. After we walked out, it was so hard to go back into life. I would rather watch as he and his wife WoRked and ToiLed through the rebuilding of the church than deal with ChallaNges in my life that seem very small to his. I WiSh I could turn back the clock with many things I have done or am going through...because in the end I want to be with those who have BlaZed a trail for me to follow, HelD my crying head, LisTened to my frustrations, BeliEved in my ability to be better, and ForGave me... they truly SacRificed all for the rebuilding of the GoSpel...what am I doing?
1. FamiLy
2. FrieNds
3. TempLe Square


kim said...

Wow. You are so blessed. What an incredible day for you. Thanks for your love, friendship, faith and listening ear. Where would I be without your wisdom? Thanks for being a part of my life. Love Ya!


KC Kanenwishers said...

It's always good at the temple. I wish we could have gone with you. Grandma Dorothy is a special friend...it's great to have those.

sharon said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love those times when we gain perspective in our lives in such a non-threatening and up-lifting manner. I'm glad you had such a good day. You deserve one!! Love you!!!

angie said...

We spent a few days around Temple Square at the beginning of the summer. My kids LOVED it. I always love to go to the top of the Church Administation building and look out over the valley. The Pioneer museum is a favorite, too. Thanks for playing along!