Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rewind the WeeK...

PicKing PluMs

Sunday night at GranDpa and GranDma HartS home, as always, was FiLLing (you will NeVer go hungry), and NiCe (feels like HoMe). My nephew and his wife are living there, for just a few short weeks left. So GooD to see them also. After we OvEr indulged ourselves with a DeliCious meal, we were drawn to the tree in the front yard FuLL of PluMs. It gave the PeRfect opportunity for some tree CliMbing and colon CleaNsing (that would come later...). Grandma gave us a jar of her FreShly made PluM jam to top off our MonKeying around..what a GreaT way to end the week!
1. CuTe niece-biggest MonKey
2. GooD Food
3. New York!


KC Kanenwishers said...

Oh man, I wish I was there for some homemade plum jam!

sharon said...

O-o-o-I wish I could taste that jam!! Sounds like you guys had fun! Love you!!!