Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MoDoc InDians

GraNdMa TeLL Me a StOry....
"Bloody Point Massacre..and the Modoc Indians"
We asked GraNdma to take us down their ProPertY "The FaR SoUth FieLd" to tell us some HiStory... What a TrEat we HeArd as she told us of a people not often thought of in the eyes of history books at school..the MoDoc InDiaNs. Tulelake is a rich agricultural place with an abundance of produce..meat--veggies. It is truly BeaUtiFul to drive into this lush valley and see HaRd WoRk, which equates to full and happy tummies. We do not see the lake which used to blanket this land, the teepee's occupied, woven baskets and homes, the weapons of choice and the vast barren yet beautiful (still is) landscape. We also do not see a people who once inhabited this land...due to choices they made they are a people almost forgotten..EXcePt the people who live here...ThaNk You GraNdma...with a KeEn mind (not that she is old by any stretch) she told us of this massacre that is hard to find even on the Internet. What I have found (through the internet) is only parts of the whole story (and there are different versions pending on what side you were on), please look up and enjoy learning some history not told. I hope that I can remember what she has given me as well as her grandchildren so we will NOt forget...So RiCh in many ways...We are very BleSSed
God Bless the USA!

1. HiStorY Lessons from Grandma
2. CarD games
3. NiBbleys for LunCh


Karolynn said...

Nibleys? What are those? That is so cool to get a history right at the place it happened. I miss you!

KC Kanenwishers said...

the kids had a lot of fun, didn't they? Have fun in cj!

*.Kennedy.* n' ~McKoy~ said...

StOrY TimE StOrY TiMe i love story time!!! ive read that book on the bloody massacre quite a good one so very long! but good :)

Crandall Family said...

Hi Melanie,
That sounds like a fun adventure. Have fun at your family reunion!

Melanie said...

McKoy you are so smart and good for reading that story...hats off to ya!!!Have a good day, and hope you are feeling better