Saturday, July 12, 2008


My mom came through, on her way to Missouri and back home. We had such a FuN time being with her. The GiRls love to PlAy games and go to the DoLLar TRee everytime she comes. I loVe to go "ErrAnd" running and TalKing with her. We know it's only for a ShOrt time and so we CraM all we can in and when it's over it feels like time FleW by. She is a GraNdma on the go and we are so BleSSed to have her spend time with us and know how much she LoVes us as well as all her ChiLdreN and GraNdChilDren.

We LoVe GranDma!

1. GranDma P.

2. AleXis and BrooKe (with TayLor)

3. MeeTing NeW friends (NiCk and NaTe, thanks Lexi)

4. EarLy, EarLy morning chats

5. CostCo


mtlarsen's said...

Was mom playing that guitar??

KC Kanenwishers said...

I love these pictures! What in the world...are those cupcakes? I better be getting one of those when I come!

Karolynn said...

Your Mom is amazing! I really admire her. She is always so nice to me! Is that a magical cupcake I see? Are you trying to torment me? I hope you don't hate me for not coming today, it really isn't my fault. Good thing we didn't come though because Carter has major diarrhea. EWWWWWW He is so getting a pullup back on.

Melanie said...

Karolynn- hate you were not there!!! It was a cupcake from Costco..Not near as magical...Love ya, Mel

sharon said...

I had such a blast at your house. You guys are all so good to me! I can't believe I ate that whole cupcake thing! and the monte cristo, and the magic bar, and the lasagne, and the mimi's bakery bread-the whole basket full!, and on and on! Thank you for everything! Karolynn, I think you have the most amazing personality in the whole world-you crack me up, and I just love you!!!Love you guys and miss you-can't wait to see you soon!!! xoxoxoxo

Nick said...

Hey! You mentioned me on your blog! Yeah! Thanks for having us! Too many exclamation marks!