Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ThanK You KaRolynn

LiTTle MiSs MoRgan

So, today after Karolynn dropped Whit off on a HaWaiiN AdVentUre.... She took time out to help ME figure out my computer. It was a too ShOrt of a visit but I took total AdVantaGe of KiSsinG MorGans GooShie CheeKs. ThanK you so much for helping me put together this TemPlate (she even made my cute header),and figuring out how to DowNload my PictUres.... I KNOW I will NeeD many more lessons and I wouldn't be bothered at all to go over to LeArn and GooSh!!!
1. KArolynn - LoVe YoU!
2. GooShinG Morgan
3. Mitsey is FiXed!!!!


The Jorgensens said...

Very cute template! I would LOVE to know how to make custom headers! Karolynn: Thursday at 6 pm sound good? LOL

Hope you are having a good summer...WITHOUT ME! :)

Karolynn said...

You forgot to put the part about us gooshing! LOL It was fun with you, thanks for being so sweet with my kids. They are so lucky to have an Aunt Melanie! I am so lucky to have a sister from another mister! Loves and gooshes to you my friend.

Melanie said...

Holly > I am having a dandy summer with sweltering heat, hot flashes, mood swings, screaming children (oh, maybe that's me, hard to tell sometimes), quick drive trips (@$4 a gallon, with the extra walking I am doing I should be gaining $ back...oh yah I am just in weight though). Let's plan a "outdoor" movie night with the fams...remember how we were going to do that with the girls??? Where and when shall we meet again?

Karolynn > That was the best part, arriving to your home with the black bag and letting you figure out my "keys!!! LLOOLL...Gooshie... We are so lucky to have good friends around us don't ya think?!? They are so good to leave us feedback even those who like to just look with no feedback, you can feel it in their hearts...keep lookin cause you all ROCK!!