Thursday, July 17, 2008

LeGAcY HigHWay
OpEning FaLL 2008
This traffic is at 3:30....every business day. Legacy highway is supposed to open this fall, amongst much legalities. It will HoPefuLLy decrease the TraFFic on the freeway from Bountiful to Farmington. This HiGhwAy has been MaNy years in the making and can't come soon enough. When I hear about RoAd RaGe or have some myself (cough, NO comments please)...I see why. I am so GraTeful I don't have to be in this MeSs EVERDAY.
For my husband it is a different situation...yes he could ride a bike, carpool, or bus, BUT with All of his medical product (those of you having or have had a heart attack are so grateful), unfortunately driving is the only choice. We could buy a "SmaRt" car but right now we have outsmarted those cars...PaiD for!!
1. ChoRes done.
2. A ListENing ear.
3. HomE grOwn Tomatoes
(with a little salt and pepper)!


The Jorgensens said...

If that was today it didn't help that there was a HUGE wreck up by Lagoon. They stut the freeway down to one lane. It was pretty bad. I saw it on the other side coming home from Layton.

I'm glad I work in BOuntiful!

sharon said...

Oh how I hate that drive when I catch that long rush hour while visiting you. It must be awful for folks who have to deal with it constantly-poor Curtis. The new highway will be great. I miss you guys and my "home" bunches. Love you!!!

oregonpeach said...

You should try breading and frying them. The South has taught me this :)

Melanie said...

Holly:) It was taken yesterday. when I go visit my friend down in wj, last year, I could leave by leaving by 3 I barely miss the traffic...

Steph:) The thought of breaded and fried tomatoes "drips" of delicious goodness all the way down to my bottom basket that carries all my sweet goodies tehe!!

Karolynn said...

I hate it! When I see my parents if I don't leave at 3:00 on the dot it takes me over an hour to get home. Ivan works 5 minutes away and today it took him over 20 minutes to come home. It is just getting worse and worse every day. Thank you for all the photos that you took at my house. My favorite one is Morgan and Sara starring at each other! Love you!