Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Pineview Novel

Another DAy in PineVieW ParAdise
We went back up to Pineview, with the BoAt this time to have a relaxing Sat. We had NO idea that there would be a congregation there performing babtisms and a wedding. So the quiet sounds of the water lapping up on shore and the birds chirping were taken over by HunDredS of MexiCan families out for a massive CeleBraTion. What I admired about the EnOrmity of the group was how they all worked ToGethER. In place of the solitude I was so grateful for it's opposite....the LauGhter of ChiLdren PlayiNg. Was it CroWded? - YES. NOiSy? - YES.
FuN? - YES!!!

Some friends of ours came up for the day as well....BrOOk, JEwels and their KiDs (Kelcie hit it off with WhiT, and my younger ones with SiD, not to leave you out BriT-LoVed your swimsuit-HoTtie), and AndRew and some of his KiDs (one of which made Kelcies DaY-tehe)! Between BoaTing, FloAting, ToYs (loved the propeller toy, to pull you through the water Brook brought), and BBQ-YUM, it was a FuLL and AweSome day. We did not get home until after 10 p.m. It was so fun to catch up with old friends and for our final moment of the night...driving on the freeway and saw a WonDerful FireWorKs display (camera doesn't take so well through a car window) in FarMingTon. What a WonderFul way to end a GreAt day.
1. WarDle FamiLy
2. LauGhing so hard I CriEd and my side HurT
until MiDniGht-smooches to you Karolynn!!
3. Sunscrean
4. My SiSter calling and she is on her way here!!!
5. TakiNg a shower BEfoRe 9 am.


Karolynn said...

I love the photos I am glad you had a great time! I saw those same fire works. They were at Lagoon. I was at Lagoon watching the same fireworks (that is so romantic). We went about 9pm after Ivan got the stairs done, boy it was crowded, but not the kiddy rides. Any way, thanks for making me pee myself last night!!! I got a golden ticket....

sharon said...

I really enjoyed all the photos of your outing to Pineview. You guys are making some great memories! Thank you for sharing them. I miss you all-Love you!!!!

The Jorgensens said...

Glad you guys had such a great time! Looks like fun!

Alexis said...

Yay! Sounds like a blast!
Baptisms and weddings, huh!