Thursday, July 10, 2008

AleX and HeiDi JenSen
Married - May 17, 2008
At - Jordan River Temple
Reception - The River Oaks 7th Ward Building

These picTures can finally be SeEn!! Only a FeW weeks late but they are still MaRried and very HaPPy. The JenSen family has been so GooD for us. When we moved to UtaH we did not have family here, ( my sister lived in American Fork but moved a few months after we bought our home, sad, sad day, wish she were still here). There was no time wasted on DoRoThy bringing us Into her home and becoming part of HeR faMily. That was almost 10 years ago.... How GraTeful I am for her LoVing, and WeLcoming ArMs.

The DeCor was so BeautiFul, I was truly impressed with the outcome (not that I thought it wouldn't work). Her Dad is a PianiSt and so they had DueliNg pianos going throughout the reception. The stage was set up so Alex and Heidi could stand on the floor and have a slide show above them. The FloWer arrangements SmeLLed and LooKed so good. The whole day turned out so NiCe (Dorothy, we need to go into planning together for other weddings!)....

Seeing the FinAlity of the reception with his FriEnds taking advantage of TP and ShaviNg cream was a GreAt way to end a FuLL day in everyway.


1. RoGer and DoroThy

2. Going to the temple with AleX and HeiDi

3. Seeing the most of the FamiLy (some could not make it)


Karolynn said...

That looks like a very nice wedding. I love the stage idea that is way cool. It is nice to see photos of this family. I know they are very special to you. It is amazing that you can decorate a church so nice to make it look not like a church. Know what I mean? You guys rock!

Melanie said...

Yes mam..I do know whatcha mean...That's what took me by surprise! It's so nice to see your thoughts and ideas come to reality. LoVe you lots...Mel