Wednesday, July 9, 2008

SeaSon PaSSes

(we still have a full season left)

We DeCided to buy SeAson PaSSes this year to LaGOOn. Kelcies' HaPPy FaCe is what having these passes is all about. So far we have ShAred these experience with HoLLy and her FaMily, TriCia and her FaMily, and KaRolynn and her FaMily. It's fun to go with family, but having FrieNds go is even more FuN for aLL of us (hint, hint).

1. GoiNg with and ChaNcing on FrieNds at LaGoon.
2. PaiN meds for my CaT.
3. GoiNg to the TemPle with CuRt.
4. SeeiNg the WarDle FamiLy (old friends)
5. Going only 6 times so FaR! (I know it will be more, but you know that saying,
"LaZy DaYs of SuMMer?")


Parrish said...

Lagoon is super fun! We haven't been in a week. I wanted to go last night, but I had a huge headache like way bad. Cute post sister!

KC Kanenwishers said...

Maybe we should go when we come!

The Jorgensens said...

Fun, Fun, Fun! Remind me to tell you of the day last week we lost Aaliyah...not so fun!

I promise I will call you. I got your message and it has been crzy busy!

Love ya