Sunday, July 13, 2008


Stephanie - Melanie
A couple of weeks ago I received a notification of a classmate signature. Surprised I ChecKed. I never thought it would be one of my oldest and DeareSt Friends. The last time I saw her was eighth grade. She moved and we lost contact. We went through the typical JR. HiGh drama and were able to maintain a friendship. She was always so SmaRt and FuNny, and AlWays there for me. We loved to sing and were in choir together.

How many SwaTches do you see? - Steph, bottom row 2nd in
Looking through the year book brought a flood of different emotions. I can't believe where our paths have taken us. I look at the friends that surrounded us and wondered where and what they may be up to. I saw the BoYs that we thought were so cute and ya know they still are!!! So many memories and not enough time to write. I have missed her and,

We have reunited, by modern technology no less. She is even more BeaUtiFul now and still so incredibly smart, going for her PhD. We may have different lives, and live miles apart but our friendship never left...and that is what we have in common.
1. Stephanie
2. Naps
3. Air Conditioning


KC Kanenwishers said...

Holy cow, that is cool. What's even stranger is that your picture now looks like your picture then!

Karolynn said...

I know you have been looking for her for quite some time now. I am glad you found her! I love seeing the old photos of you!

sharon said...

What a great story! The pictures sure bring back a lot of memories. You haven't changed at all. I am so glad you found your friend and are getting caught up. Life is such a blast!! Love you!!

The Jorgensens said...

Those are some great photos from the school days. I threw my yearbooks away....regrets? Nope!

Its great to hook up with old friends. Since blogging, I have found a few. Its fun to see everyones life and where they are now.

Hope your having a great hot day!