Tuesday, November 4, 2008

PolitiCs according to OuR BB!! Join us for a Debating good time on TwiTTEr #GNO style!!

"Mom...Mom...GuEss what I did at SchOOl today???"
"LooK...I VoTeD for a PreSiDent!"
Me..."Well that sounds like it was FuN...Who'd you VoTe for?"
BB..."Um...who's that man that LooKs like a GranDPa...OH..Oh...McCain."
Me... "Why him?"
BB... "Because I WaNt a girl Vice President and He's Nice!"
There were some other things she said, and suffice it to say...she was dead ON!! The PoliCies according to our BB was very impressive...information SHE took the TiMe to know. For a 7 Yr old...You Go GiRL!!! Now it's my turn...how 'bout you??

ToNiGht is going to be a DebaTing good time on TwiTTer...CliCk on this button...SigN yourself up to join a HeAted topic...Who WiLL be our next President??


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I posted political today as well!!

KC Mom said...

I wish Brynn could have really voted today!! She's got it right!

Karolynn said...

Brynn is such a sweet little girl! She is very smart to vote the way she did! I second the you go girl! Today is a very important day! I pray people do some last minute research before they vote!

sharon said...

You go Brynnie - you are smarter than half this country and I love you so much!! Your beautiful and sweet spirit is just what I needed to make my day. Thanks for the post Mele. Love you!!!

DeAnna said...

I sure like the way Brynn voted she thinks just like I do!! Your never to young to find out who will be the best person.

Anonymous said...

And it was good times and I think it stayed "nice". It was fun to chat. And so cute that the young ones got to "take part" as well.

Jay @halftime lessons said...

Such a beautiful family!!
Happy WW!