Sunday, November 16, 2008

GNO gives back to Help those Fighting Hunger this Holiday Season

Up for AUCTION...

This BeauTiFul Necklace. It is made with organza ribbon only. It is very hard to describe how it is done, but I learned the technique at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) in Chicago a few years ago. The piece made then has gone through 3 girls (ages 5-12) at school, church and extra curricular activities. Still in perfect shape.
Products Used
It is made with beads ranging from Plastic, Porcelin, Metal (including toggle), and Shell (pendant). The winner of this auction will also be rewarded with a SURPRISE.
Starting bid
All proceeds go to the Mommy Gossip GNO Food Drive. We are all trying to help those in hunger this time of year.
How to Bid
Please leave a comment and if you would like to bid, the amount. Also leave your email address. The Winner will be announced Tuesday Nov. 18th on Twitter #GNO!
For more Information
Go to Twitter on Tuesday Night (GNO style) and follow the charitable conversations and live auctions happening all evening. Click on #GNO button to read, sign up and see other wonderful items to bid on!!


Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY BIDDING!!!
Remember...the surprise....


Karolynn said...

I love it! Very beautiful! You know the bracelets you made for me using the same technique? Well, they out last a baby teething. Awesome! Thanks for watching Morgan for me! I never can find Ivan when I have to teach and it stresses me out. Boy am I always happy to see a helpful friend and especially one who Morgan loves!

KC Mom said...

Good luck on the bidding everyone!

Mrs. S said...

Thanks for coming by. I love fuschia. I'd love to see your wedding pictures!!
And I hope you can load the Twilight Extravaganza page soon. I think that's such a fun idea. A Daily Dose of Toni has such a neat blog.

nikkicrumpet said...

Hey Tater tot!!! or is that Princess Tater Tot! I love the's really beautiful. Must be nice to be so talented!

imbeingheldhostage said...

oh it's beautiful. I'm afraid I was naughty on my recent day out and over spent-- I wish you had told me this was coming. Will you be doing anything else like this in the next couple of weeks?

mommaof4wife2r said...

so beautiful!!! what a great idea.

Deb said...

how did it end up last night? did you stick around all night? i'll be interested to see how much that beautiful necklace went for (and what the surprise is!).

sorry i ducked out so early. my head has been pounding for days. yuck.

angie said...

It's beautiful. How wonderful that you are donating it for auction!