Thursday, March 27, 2008

Here's to OuTDooR FuN - Yeah SpRinG!!

Easter Sunday was a BeauTiFul weather day. It was so FuN to have ZaKK and LoGan come over. From the time we all got home from church until after 4 the EnerGy was so ContAgioUs, You could not help but wanting to be a KiD again!!! This is what PlaYinG is all about.
1. TaG - You're IT!
2. StaTiCy HaiR!
3. GraSS stains and BaRk chips!


Karolynn said...

So fun! I love the photo of Kelcie with the stick to Sara's neck. Too funny! I loved the nice weather. It snowed today! What is up with that?

sharon said...

Brynn's hair flying, Sara with her tongue out, and Kelcie screaming at the end of the slide. Looks like a perfect day to me! Wish I was there!!!